Reflection Paper On Who Moved My Cheese

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June 15th, 2017, someone moved my cheese. I had not been checking to see if the cheese was getting old, nor had I wondered about the condition of my cheese. As I was reading “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, the change in my life that kept coming to mind was a break up that I experienced this past summer. Progressing through the book, I tried to ignore these thoughts that reminded me of what happened, but they lined up all too well with what I went through. Sitting here today, I remind myself entirely of Haw, currently experiencing being out in the maze. But it wasn’t always that way. For the majority of the summer I was Hem, wondering what I had done and not accepting that my cheese had been moved. Moving through the stages of different characters helped me to accept what happened and become a stronger person because of it. Starting with a bit of background information, I found my Cheese Station C, also known as Jeremiah, during my sophomore year of high school. He was smart, athletic, kind, and handsome. I got comfortable with him and we had a great relationship for well over two years. He was my Cheese Station C because I felt comfortable hanging up my running shoes and being happy where I was. I didn’t have to go out in the maze to look for new relationships because I had everything right where I wanted it. Fast forward over two years, and that is when my cheese was moved. Jeremiah decided that going to separate colleges in the fall would be too hard

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