Reflection Paper On X Rays

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The topic I choose for this essay is x-rays. The reason I choose this topic because x-rays is a very controversial topic. They are people that liked x-rays and those who doesn’t want to go near x-rays at all. It depends on those person values, belief, and culture. For the essay I want to mention ways to provide the exposure of x-rays by providing few services that can help the client or provide them education on why x-rays are needed. This topic is very important because without x-rays we won’t be able to diagnose, evaluate or interoperates what the client has and what is causing them the discomfort or pain in the oral cavity. Not everything is seen in the eye clinically, in may be associated with underlying bone or inside the teeth.…show more content…
C. Show ways x-rays help with client’s oral health and clinicians practice. D. Three points: fear factor, money factor, and discomfort E. Thesis: X-rays are beneficial even though there are factors that clients are associated with not taking x-rays. Fear Factor A. Client is afraid of how much exposure they will receive from one dental image or multiple dental images at a time. It affects their health and causes short term symptoms which makes client very uncomfortable. 1. Example “If the patient relates that he or she fears the radiation from dental X-rays, it is our job to try to dispel those fears.” (Para 7-Dianne D) 2. Example “Team member Kai Rothkamm thinks this apparent neglect might actually be a safety measure, since poorly executed repairs can cause dangerous mutations. “If only one cell in every 10 has sustained DNA damage, it may be safer just to let that cell die,” he says. But at higher doses, repair becomes vital.” (Para 3-Andy C) B. Client is afraid that they might have cancer. There is a balance whether to take an x-ray or not, it depends on the client’s oral condition. If the oral condition is severe then the outcome is to take an x-ray. It’s more important on what’s happening in the mouth which in the end, when the problem is not solved, it accumulates in the body which is a devastating
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