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Human being have the quality to get adapted to different environments and situations. However, be an immigrant student in a country with a different language and culture is a challenging. I moved to United States four years ago with a basic knowledge in english. After six months of living in USA, I enrolled in English as a Second Language at Greenville Technology College. By that time, my communication in english was not great. That was the first day that I face obstacles in getting enroll in classes. However, now that I have been in community College for two year and I moving to a four year University, I can say that as a Latino student I have been struggle in differents areas to be where I am. I have grew in a Latino country,…show more content…
However, I have being fight against this, I have not give up and I always try to interact with my classmate or being involved in activities to overcome this struggle that one day will end with more practice and interaction.

Other, struggle that I face was to understand the education system. I want to become a physician, and I did not know what were the first steps that I needed to take. Every day I was learning something new, the first thing that I learned was that I needed to have a Baccalaureate degree to apply for medical school, that I have to take the MCAT test to get into medical school. Then, I realized that MCAT test is not enough, I have to build my resume thought volunteering, research experience, and any medical retaliating. Well,I told myself this is not that easy as in my country. At the beginning this new education system for me was complicated because people somethings could not give a guidelines in what I need to do to get into medical school. And I start to do my own research in understanding how to education system in USA works.
After, understanding how education system works, I was wondered how I will pay seven year of education. I came to this county because my economic situation, I came to US to have the opportunity to improve my economic future with hard work and perseverance. However, education in US is not affordable for people that earn the minimum wage, and working in a jobs that are not
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