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During this semester of Intro to College Writing at Gateway Technical College, I have found that learning to write a proper essay paper is compelling to me. In high school, writing essays was a very difficult thing for me because the teachers would try and help but everything they said blew over my head. Jessica Gleason, the instructor for Intro to College Writing class, helped explain in detail how to properly write a APA formatted essay paper. I learned what my introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion should include, which I struggled with. Another compelling topic in this class we completed was the “Plagiarism” game in class. Before this class I would have to write research, papers and include quotes, statements from an article, which I would include but not know how to properly cite them in my paper. The game that was associated with plagiarism was the Goblin Game, you need to figure out the situations that represented plagiarism. This game helped me with following the proper steps and knowing what not to put and to put in my paper. Connections between two classes can help extremely if you are not understanding a topic. I am taking Intro to College Reading, while we were going over a thesis statement in my writing class we were going over it in my reading, which gave me a little extra help I needed. This class will help me with my next semester with English Composition. During this class we will be learning to read and write also but in a different context. I will

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