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Imagine dreading an assignment so much that you don’t even want to start it but once you finish it you look back on the experience and realize it was good for you. That’s what happened to me during my Junior year of high school when I was assigned a paper that challenged me and grew me as a writer. This writing assignment was a seven to nine paged paper on my responsibilities to America. Because it was the first paper I wrote that was more than a couple pages, I struggled with making it long enough while still keeping it structured and well written. I also struggled with finding what I wanted to write about and how to express it clearly. Although this paper was difficult for me to write, it was a tremendous learning experience for me. When my teacher first announced that we were going to be writing a seven to nine-page paper, my first reaction was one of panic and dread. I have never necessarily enjoyed writing and I definitely did not consider myself good at it. Moreover, I had never written a paper that long before and I had no idea where to begin. In addition, I wasn’t even sure what I was going to write about, I had never really thought about my responsibility to America before.
Although I was incredibly nervous about writing my paper, once I actually began it wasn’t as terrible as I had expected. My teacher helped me a lot though the whole process. She gave me and my class worksheets to develop our outline and ideas. She also recommended

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