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The second day of school into sixth grade was going fine, I was having a good day. I was excited that I was in middle school. The clock finally hit three I went straight home. I got home, I ate and watched tv shows on Netflix.I was having a laid-back day since I didn't have homework to do.It was around 8:50 p.m. and my mom told me and my sisters to go to bed since it was a school night. I went to my room but didn’t listen to my mom. My younger sister Samantha and I were playing around with my baby sister Gema. We were playing on my bed by the corner. I was playing around with both of my sisters by tickling them. We were all having fun together until… my sister Gema who was two years old then started slipping. Samantha got off the bed while my sister Gema was holding on to me. I decided I would get Gema off the bed safe. So I got her off the bed and at this moment I was upside in a weird position. I knew I would fall off the bed somehow so decided to do a flip. I thought that this way I wouldn't fall flat on the ground and hit my head. This was already a bad idea, but what was worse is that I was never in gymnastics so I didn’t know how to flip correctly. Once I flipped I heard CRACK and I felt my bone shift I knew right away that was my bone cracking. I was on the floor crying while my sisters were just standing do nothing but looking at me. My mother and grandmother came upstairs to my room, “Que paso?” (what happened in Spanish) my mom said. I told my mom “Gema was

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