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I feel that I have achieved the majority of my goals from the end of last semester. Looking back at my first semester writing portfolio, the goals that I tried to fulfill for this semester were either improved, or I fully accomplished. My goals were to use better vocabulary in my writing, and to proofread my essays more often, and carefully. Throughout this past semester I tried my best to keep these in mind, and incorporate them in my writing. I believe I have improved my vocabulary since first semester, and I have made sure to reread my essays, and I even had others read my writing to get other opinions. During this semester I have made new goals for myself. I think it is good to always have different goals that you would like to achieve, and once you do, you should continue to make more. My current goal for writing is to try to use more colons and semicolons, but I feel that it will be difficult considering I rarely ever use them. In the first semester we learned a lot about how to start an essay with different methods of introduction. I have tried a few of the different ways to do this with my Of Mice and Men essay, The American Dream essay, and even pieces for my other classes. Another thing I kept with me from the first semester is compound and complex sentences. I have tried making my sentences longer, and full of more details in order to make my writing flow more instead of it sounding choppy. There is no specific pieces I have done this in because it has been

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