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When I was eight years old, my dad being to honor and asked to speak at a meeting for the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) in Jerusalem. The event happened to overlap with my spring break. We packed our bags and in the morning we set out for LAX. After a rigorous and tedious flight, we arrived at the Ben Gurion airport. Zwe started the trip in Tel Aviv. After settling in to the hotel, we freshened up, and began to roam the streets. We had walked through the Shuk Hacarmel. The whole atmosphere was so welcoming. Everyone greeted us with warm hearts and open arms. My family felt right at home. The next day came about, and my mom had mentioned that we were going to meet one of her cousins, Sharon. Sheron is a consultant for the Israeli Defense Force and has dedicated his whole career to protecting his country. His passion for Israel taught me so much. Although our time was short because he only had a few days off, he taught me the meaning of being Israeli. Israeli isn't just being born in Israel, it means to alwya have a part of Israel in your heart. It is something I carry with myself and is one of my personal core values. After five days in Tel Aviv, we set out for Jerusalem. The night we had arrived in Jerusalem, my family and I could not contain ourselves. We decided to walk around and get to know our home for the next five days. As we were walking through the city, we began to hear the sound of music and people laughing and singing.

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