Reflection Paper

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“Who’s next” one of the college advisors called.
It is finally the day, final registration at the college. As I sit there waiting to pick my classes, I saw a lady teaching a little girl how to play a game of cards. I always had my mind set on teaching and I knew that picking a grade to teach was going to be a tough decision. As time went on I planned on teaching a high school grade in history, I even had a teacher cadet class where I shadowed a freshman history teacher, helped with the class, and even taught two lessons.
“High School” I thought to myself
“Yes that is what I want to do, teach at a high school and teach history” I said
While I sat there watching the lady teach the little girl the game of cards I realized that I loved to work with kids. I enjoyed helping kids even at a young age.
“ How can I not love kids; I have five younger siblings I grew up with” I said
As I kept thinking I remembered all the times I would play school with my brothers and sister at home. I had so much fun, I pretended to grade their papers like a real teacher did, I’m older than them so I know more, which is why I could grade their “assignments.” I am still helping my little brothers and sisters with their homework and with their projects. I’m just a teacher in the making.
I finally decided the I was going to become an elementary teacher. I'm was so excited with the decision I made and even more excited that I chose to teach elementary school. Though I hadn’t pick an exact grade, I’m
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