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The efforts of a group always seem to outshine the work of an individual due to the varying talents and contribution of each person. And while I have met and worked with some excellent people at Liberty I have never seen the level of interest and thoughtful argumentation that seems present over a cup of coffee and in person. My personality type is classified as ENTP. Furthermore, I favor honest and lively discourse focused on finding the truth and the best (n.d.). Also, I enjoy working with people, reading, deep study, and discussion. In addition, I have very few annoyances nor do I feel stressed easily. However, I have been somewhat annoyed with Liberty’s methodology regarding replies. In fact, replies are often required and yet yield little result. When working on a group project if someone in the group sees an error or an improvement it should be stated kindly and lovingly but stated none the less. When replies are forced, however people end up choosing small insignificant issues or larger yet opinion based issues to satisfy the grade. Ultimately, this does not, in my opinion, represent true academia. Notably, at work, I am a problem solver and innovator. I am a teacher and have developed several programs for the school. Communication Expectations Frankly speaking, most people choose online classes for the virtue of time management and availability. Also, the demands of a career and family make online courses a more desirable option. Furthermore,
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