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I had to collaborate and co-ordinate with two co-students to organise this session. The logistical aspects like the room to conduct the session, the positioning of the table were decided with a keen focus on the client’s comfort and ease to record. The choice of art materials were based on my client’s preference. My client was insistent on including palettes of left over paint from the studio, various sizes of paper, thread, tracing paper and marker pens for the session. To open the session, I use open questions, paraphrasing and reflecting (McLeod, 2013), like, “What did you want to talk about today” (p1, 0.14). One example early on in the session of paraphrasing and reflecting content is, “So you are really overwhelmed…………manage your priorities for your assignment” (p1, 0.44). It was through paraphrasing and reflecting content, I was able to infer that my client felt anxious about prioritising her study commitments, is sleep deprived and feeling frustrated around managing time. Feelings I found setting the stage phase particularly challenging, as I had to accommodate the opinion of two other co-students. I recall feeling restricted, but decided to go with the flow to get the recording finished. I also recall wondering if the materials that I sourced were enough. I also observed how my client kept “chuckling” (p1, 1.03) and I mirrored her (McLeod, 2013), however feeling disconnect between the content and emotion. Evaluation Pre-set as a practice session for academic
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