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In early 2015, I applied and was accepted to a theology program at Dallas Theological Seminary. That fall, I embarked on a journey where, for two and a half years, I literally spent every non-working, waking moment, reading, writing and studying. It’s a journey that would encompass reading tens of thousands of pages of books, watching thousands of hours of lecture videos, and writing hundreds of pages of written research. It’s something I’ve done in secret, with the exception of a few close family members and a few close friends.
So, why with a seemingly decent career that I actually enjoyed, would I subject myself to this kind of effort? At times, it honestly felt like I was torturing myself. There would be no material gain at the end. No career changes. No accolades given. And, truth is, I didn’t and don’t want any of these. The reason I did it is simple; If this is all true, and I’m going to spend eternity with someone, I’d like to know a little about the journey. I’d like to make sure I’m prepared and ready. I’d like to make sure I can actually answer the questions when they arise as to why I believe what I believe. I grew up in church, and there was a time where I could answer about every question known about Christianity. I could find the verses in my Bible faster than anyone. I knew all the right responses, but never knew what the answers meant. The church had made me a Christian, but a disciple? Unfortunately, I wasn’t even close. I was a reciting robot and that

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