Reflection Paper

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Holy Moly, I cannot believe that I am finally finished with college. I have learned so much at Brown Mackie, and I actually remember all of the skills! I thought that when it came time to go out on externship that I would forget everything and panic! However, I believe I am doing great! I have noticed several differences in the way I was taught in the classroom, and the way they do things out in the real world. In the classroom we are taught how to do things the proper way, the by the book way. In the classroom we are taught we first need to call the patient back and verify their name and date of birth. Then to get their vital signs. We are taught to document the correct way and how to correct out mistakes if I mess up. I was taught how to write in charts, how to word things properly. Let's use Phlebotomy as an example. In Phlebotomy I was taught how to properly draw blood. I was taught that first you tie the tourniquet around the patients preferred arm, then you feel for a vein. After finding the vein you release the tourniquet and gather the appropriate needle. You then assemble the equipment, retie the tourniquet around the arm, feel for the vein one more time, then you clean it with an alcohol pad, and stick the patient. When you collect the desired amount of blood you release the tourniquet, and in one swift move you pull the needle out and place a cotton ball on the site where the needle was. You then ask the patient to hold the cotton ball while you safety the
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