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Our whole life is based upon the choices we make. These choices are crucial parts of who we are and how we live, but a big part of decision-making is your outlook on life. Your mentality plays a big role in how you dissect your decisions. Meaning that if you’re feeling down it’s likely to make cheerless choices, but if you’re feeling happy your decisions are in all likelihood found to be euphoric. Our mentality can take us to experience things we never believed possible. When it comes to fate I believe that because of my very own experiences our fate can be changed by changing our outlook on life. I never imagined that my life would pan out to be the way it is now. I grew up in a town filled with limited resources and an ok school system. I was aware from a young age that the people in my town never seemed to make it out of there. It was always the same familiar faces with the same everyday stories. I knew just like my mother knew and everyone in the block knew that if you didn’t work hard enough you’d stay put and continue living the life you were already living. My mother from the start instilled to my sisters and I how important an education would be in our life. Identically to, The Plight of the Little Emperors by Taylor Clark, my mother like the parents in China did everything possible so that her children could succeed academically. The families in China were aware of how important the role of an education would be towards their life out of poverty. For example, like

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