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My parents both grew up in small villages in India and worked hard to earn a living for their family once they immigrated to Canada. My younger brother and I always saw the struggles that they had to go through and we both respected the work and sacrifices that they made for us. My father for the longest time worked as a head chef in a Greek restaurant. He would always tell us stories about how he was the only South Asian chef in the kitchen and had to quickly learn how to make Greek dishes and new recipes all alone. As a new immigrant to Canada and as someone who was in a new cultural environment, he had to overcome many barriers and challenges. Aside from recipes, my father had to learn a new language and Greek customs and traditions which were very important in the small family owned restaurant. He was able to adapt and turn his difficult experience into a positive one through persistence and determination. He is now able to speak Greek fluently and make amazing Greek dishes! My story is similar to my father’s story where I have overcome many challenges and barriers in my life in order to achieve my goals. As a colored minority women and a first generation student from a low income family, I have learned many things on my own like my father and have navigated successfully through university. I have taken what I am most passionate and interested in (criminology) and turned it into a goal because I want to use my education to help others and fulfill my vision. I have
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