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I remember in the year of 2016-2017 attending a school in California. After spending most of my time in the Northeast and Midwest, it was amazing experiencing weather that was above forty degrees year-round. In the month of April, in the nighttime, on my bed, I prayed, “Lord what should I do when I get back home to New York?” It was in the middle of the night, in a dream, I heard the words “Don’t forget about my daughters.” When I woke up, I immediately knew my journey with God began, by going after His lost sons and daughters. I felt God spark a dream inside of me to see lost sons and daughters come back to the heart of the Father. After leaving California mid-May, I traveled back home to New York and stayed at my parent’s house and several weeks later had a meeting with home church pastor. At the meeting, I shared with him my vision to build a culture that walks in their identity as sons and daughters of God through community and by being vulnerable with each other within that community. After, hearing about my vision we decided to have a conference about walking into identity as sons and daughters. Now here is where things get really interesting, for this conference, a team of friends and I began planning the conference, but we only had two months to prepare for it. There were times of pressure to meet deadlines and times we were exhausted, but nevertheless, our eyes were locked in to be ready for the conference. As the team grew closer together in friendship we quickly

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