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To be completely honest, this paper was the first paper that I felt really confident when I was submitting it. In high school, all the topics that I had to write about was given to me by my teacher. But with this paper, I had the power to select a topic that I was really interested and that, I believe, is why I felt really confident when I submitted this paper. Over the past four weeks, the actions that I performed really prepared me for this paper. First, I had to select a topic. Since it had to be school based/something related to school, I wanted to talk about the county that I did my K-12 years at; Prince George’s county. Over the summer, I remembered when Prince George’s County was on the news. It was said that an investigation was taking place because of how quickly their graduation rates has risen over the past four years. I checked with my professor and my tutor to see if this was a good topic to write about and the feedback that I got was amazing. I was then told to search about “Grade Inflation” and I was shocked at what I saw. I did not know that grade inflation was something real. I never knew that it existed. While I was doing research on grade inflation, I figured out that it was a major educational problem. I found out that it not only happens in K-12 schools, it happens in colleges and universities too. Once I felt like I had enough information to write about, I brainstormed on a sheet of paper. I got a sheet of paper and I wrote all the ideas that came

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