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Looking back on my life experiences, I can’t help but smile in response to every memory of struggle, success, and change for each experience has served as a page in a larger, unfinished story. Growing up my identity has been strongly tied to my upbringing in a traditional Italian household with my father, mother, and brother. My upbringing has thus included an emphasis on food, family and friends, and culture. The backyard of my childhood home in San Mateo, California was complete with slowly growing key ingredients in a variety of Italian dishes. Considering my father’s parents emigrated from Liguria, a region in Italy most famously known as the birthplace of pesto, growing basil allowed us to maintain a connection with our heritage. As a child I remember playing in my backyard with my brother, careful to not roll the ball in the dirt where the basil was growing. That would ruin the fun of picking it with my dad and making it with my mom. Yet, the truly satisfying aspect of this tradition was sitting down as a family, which often included my maternal grandparents, and sharing a meal complete with numerous anecdotes. Religion was also a large part of my heritage so I attended Catholic educational institutions until my enrollment in UC Berkeley as an undergraduate. Through this immersion in a school with guiding Catholic principles, I adopted a commitment to live by these values especially in regards to serving the less fortunate. In elementary school, numerous community
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