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When trust is threatened, learn the lesson

Learning something new is something to strive for. However, are all the lessons we learn good ones? After all, there are two sides to every coin. A lot of the times it is easy to find the bad lessons learned but what about the good? Well, that takes a lot more thought. Ironically these were the thoughts running through my head that day, that dreadful day which is permanently burned into the back of my mind. It had all started well, I rode the bus to school, and went to my classes, it was similar any other day. There was one thing though, it was game day, my favorite kind of day. My team had not lost a game yet. As the last period bell rang we all clattered to the locker room with anticipation. We had maybe half an hour before warm-ups started and there we all sat, in the forest green locker room, eating snack and goofing off. We were only eighth graders after all. As usual, when it was time to put on our shoes, socks, and knee pads on, I sat in one of the lockers one the second row, using the concrete slab we all considered a bench to balance.
That was when it all started, one of the girls challenged me to see if I could fit completely in to the locker, being the “not very trusting” person I am, I didn’t accept this challenge until two girls had already done it and my competitive nature overpowered my caution. Finally, I started wiggling back into the locker pulling one leg up at a time until those cold green walls completely
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