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My time within the American public education system has been a relatively interesting experience. The system is not as bad as everyone seems to make it out to be. Maybe I’m blind but bullying has pretty much died altogether within the social setting of school. There could be a case or two for verbal harassment but physical bullying doesn’t exist in suburban public schools. Teachers are very kind and respectful yet still are able to educate with authority. The classes I have taken seem to all have been enjooyable to some degree or another. Despite what many claim, I think the education has system has gotten better on a macro scale. Sure there are yearly department changes and budget constraints teachers have to face (maximum to amount of printing paper allowed per teacher) but those things seem to have no effect on my personal learning. The curriculum both challenging and interesting granted I like the subject matter. All of the teachers I have had have been good and I don’t have any criticisms on how course work is administered within my high school.
And my experience, though anecdotal, isn’t independent. According to the article America’s Not-So-Broken Education System, “One can see across many generations, the schools have slowly and steadily improved.” This rings true on the simple basis that the hellhole high school that is portrayed in movies and television back when I was a kid seems to be bygone myths. High school, middle school, and elementary school are not as bad
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