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The collaborative inquiry project, "Using Triangulation of Learning and Assessment to Support Elementary English Language Learners," allowed us, as teachers, to reflect upon assessment at the elementary level. The Supporting English Language Learners (2008) document described how, "Through assessment, teachers gather information about their students' prior knowledge, language needs, and learning progress." Our project used the STEP: Steps to English Proficiency (2012) document to describe methods of planning and assessing for English Language Learners (ELL), and considered appropriate practices in doing so. The classroom teacher should use nontraditional strategies when working with ELL students, such as encouraging self-assessment, informally assessing students whenever they are reading in the classroom, and creating opportunities for students to feel comfortable to participate (Bailey, A. & Heritage, M., 2014). The following reflection will discuss how I will share this information with others, a reflection about myself as a learner, goals for the future, and a self-assessment of my learning. I will share the information about planning and assessing ELL students at the classroom level with students in order to become a better teacher that is more aware of their learning needs. This is because I have explored useful resources, such as the STEP: Steps to English Proficiency (2012). This document describes itself as, "...a framework for assessing and monitoring the language

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