Reflection Paper

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History allows people to look back on the mistakes and victories of people in past times. Throughout studying the first half of western civilizations, it is easy to extract several key learning principles for the Christian life. All of these principles have to do with the way a Christian should live their life. From the readings and discussions, I was reminded of how we should live our lives by viewing all people as God would view them, with radical faith, intention, humility, and commitment. Christian community is vital for carrying each other’s burdens. I believe one of the foundational things that people should do in their lives is viewing all people as God would view them. Through one of the first readings we did on the Mesopotamian and Hebrew traditions, I learned that the Mesopotamia culture views people based on their wealth and status, but the Hebrew traditions instruct people to view everyone as equal and worthy of value and respect. If we live our lives believing that God loves each person individually and personally, we can view people through a different lens than we typically do. This allows us to see each person’s individual value and live our lives through humility. Since God would view people with love and respect, I believe that we also should live our lives like that. The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity conveys the dedication that the Christians had at their faith. Christians at that time were willing to die for their faith. They lived every day
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