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Unfolding is not simply teaching, but rather meeting (Stewart, 73). Doing so requires believing in the other person, which can only take place by making the personal present. Seeing someone for who they are and completely accepting them. Only when one can truly see someone, can they believe in them or see their true existence. Likewise, “the educator…committed to his care…sees each of these individuals as in a position to become a unique, single person, and thus the bearer of a special task of existence” (Stewart, 73). When presenting the personal one is able to see one for who they are, in the context of unfolding, as an educator whose role is to teach others about the world around them. When one makes the personal present, they are open to these new viewpoints, which can make one’s life more meaningful with the increase in answers, opportunity, and so on.
In Les Misérables, Jean Valjean loves Cosette and wants her all to himself. For quite some time this works. But eventually she begins to drift away and they have opposing wants and needs. Valjean is aware of these opposing views, but tries to do everything in his power to keep Cosette for himself. That is until he receives a letter from Gavroche. In this letter, Marius is expressing his love for Cosette. The letter reads; “‘our marriage was impossible…you know the promise that I gave you? I keep it, I die, I love you. When you read this, my soul will be near you, and will smile upon you’” (Hugo, 646-647). Valjean is
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