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Over the course of the semester, I have been fortunate enough to work with a student who is having difficulties when it comes to reading. My student does not have difficulties when it comes to hearing a word, but rather when he sees a word. My student has definitely benefited from one on one work with me as well as the additional help he’s getting from the reading specialist during their WIN (what I need) time. My student does not like to read because he knows that he is struggling and he is embarrassed about it. When my student goes to his WIN time, he does really well because the instruction is at his level and there are only two other students who are also on the same level there as well. Besides the current intervention, programs I would recommend are Direct Instruction: Reading Mastery, Letter Spacing, Wilson Reading System and the Lindamood program (LiPS).
One of the programs my student could benefit from would be Direct Instruction: Reading Mastery, which focuses on students in kindergarten to the end of third grade. Reading Mastery is a complete basal reading program that uses the Direct Instruction method to help students master essential decoding and comprehension skills. “Students exposed to Reading Mastery had significantly greater growth in Nonsense Word Fluency scores from mid-kindergarten through the end of first grade. Oral Reading Fluency scores at the middle of first grade exhibited strong differences in favor of the Reading Mastery students. Stockard, J.,

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