Reflection Paper

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In life, everyone gets to experience moments that they will cherish forever, as well as the ones that hurt to look back at. I’ve had the disappointing pleasure of having these moments back to back years. They both have to deal with the sport that challenges me from all aspects in life. Wrestling has ran in the Ybarra family for generations. I felt great coming out of sophomore year, as the Class B, 126 pound state champion. Before I knew it, I was already walking the halls as a Junior after the summer of 2016 flew past. I wish I could say Junior year went as tremendous as the year before, but that just wasn’t the case. The first quarter of Junior year definitely proved to be a rough one. I wasn’t proud of my performances during my preseason tournaments. The classes I enrolled in teamed up to create the most difficult schedule I had ever taken on during a school year so far. It took a while for me to devise an appropriate time schedule to accomplish everything that needed done. Sleep, workout, school, chores, practice, homework, repeat. I managed to stumble my way through the quarter, as life just continued to throw blows at me. With High School season just around the corner, I looked forward to starting fresh. Things were looking better in the months of October through November. I finally getting on top of my school work, as well as keeping my body healthy. Things only got better when I, along with two teammates, had the opportunity to compete in the most prestigious high
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