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I have a few miscellaneous thoughts going through my head and it is about what we have spoken about in the past few weeks. Acting in an adversary v. mutualistic way. I think the adversary will always be there, it is inevitable with all of our identities and individualism, which some reject, but I doubt anybody can push it completely aside. I think this is bigger than the question of Capitalism v. Communism. Respectively, one renders a society to think individualistic; the other renders a society to think collectively and to thrive for equality and, perhaps from my point of view, a homogeneous society. We had a discussion in class in which we talked about how is it possible to disassociate oneself from the identities that were once imposed upon us and/or that we were born into. In my case, I have distanced myself from my religious identity as Catholic. I have distanced myself from my national identity, having no pride or any feeling to the fact that I am a Colombian citizen. I am proud of the culture and what it represents, but I do not think the place where I was born defines who I am as a person. I needed to be born somewhere, no? Being white also does not affect me as much, although, during my time at Brandeis, I realized how privileged I am that the color of my skin does not render people to see me suspiciously or dangerous, or for someone to question my intellectual capacity. Obviously, other identities, I cannot divest from so easily (such as, already mentioned,

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