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Most people would agree that “practice makes perfect”. That goes for anything one does, including in an English class. Throughout the semester I have grown as a writer. There are still things that I could of course work on, and get better at. But, as of recently I have become a better writer than what I started out as. Concepts that I have learned I can continue to build off of to become a better writer. Which is something I hope to do. Going into English 1010 I knew there were things that I could be better at. Therefore, I came into class with an open mind. This class has taught me how to use certain skills to write a well written essay. By using the learning objectives exemplified in the class I was able to write multiple well written…show more content…
With that being said since I had read the article multiple times I felt like I really knew the article, so when it came time to write about the subject I felt knowledgeable to where I basically knew what I wanted to say and didn’t struggle writing the response. For the summary, I got points taken off for mechanics again and because I added my personal opinion in at times. Summaries are not supposed to contain personal opinions, but at least I learned my lesson and know for next time. Therefore, mechanics are probably my biggest downfall when it comes to writing papers. I hope to continue to work and improve on it. The response I did great on. I had no problems with it besides over using a word a couple of times. I can definitely say the response was my second best assignment. It was because I felt so knowledgeable on the subject matter after reading the article multiple times, that writing the response was easy. For these assignments we also had to do peer reviews. As bad as this may sound, I barely took the advice of the people that peer reviewed my summary and response. Also, we had to send a rough draft in and whatever mistakes I had on there I revised to make my final draft better. This is where the learning objectives of using technology were helpful. The last writing assignment was the analysis essay. That by far was my favorite to write. For that essay
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