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Reflection Paper Shannon B. Payton Liberty University Introduction This paper is about reflecting on what was covered in Theology 104. There are many Christians who understand that God loves us and wants the best for His children. There are many subjects, videos, and extracted material that has been read or discussed over the span of four weeks which has given me a better understanding of the Bible and Christianity. My reflection for this paper I have chosen two topics that I have chosen to address for this paper. First, topic I have chosen will be Grace and secondly I will be focusing on Love. Grace Theological definition of “grace” as many scholar s of the bible will define this word as the unmerited favor of God toward…show more content…
Biblical Foundation God created man in his image and breathe life into him to include woman (Genesis 2). Love was being shown by God in his creation. Not only did created man and woman but he also gave them free reign of the Garden of Eden. He walked with them, had conversation with Adam and Eve. The foundation for love started with God’s creation. Throughout the bible there is foundation of love or agape love (god’s love). From Genesis to Revelation the entire bible speaks of the love God has for his people. The only definition for love is God and He is love. Practical Application Love is often linked to your heart and with your heart it generates a lot of emotions. I know for me when I first met my husband; I was giddy, clumsy, and shy and could hear my heart pounding in my chest. Nevertheless, as time passed, my heart began to have a normal beat. Often times there are those who heart beats to different drum. In addition to the difference of the heart beat there are many ways love is reciprocated. First sign of love you have an irregular heart beat and even mentioning name of the person who you love will cause your heart to beat irregular. There is no feeling like being love and having someone to share that love with. Love causes you do many thing but there is one love that searches the heart and bring clarity to you. God loves does causes you

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