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Throughout their high school careers, everyone, even those who think that they have learned nothing, have learned something. This isn’t any different for me. The lessons of my high school career and my high school extracurricular activities helped me develop a strong foundation of independence, a sense that trying to be like everyone else does not make you a better person. This independence has led me to life paths that others would not pursue. These paths helped me develop important life skills, such as leadership and communication. They also led me to opportunities that I would not have found without that strong foundation of independence – being myself, not just a mold of others. Early in my high school career I learned the value of independence after having bad experiences with “following the crowd.” As a freshman, I noticed a similar characteristic in the students in my class: many students seemed very lazy when it came to completing schoolwork. Students tended not to do their homework if no-one else had done it. In part, this seemed to stem from a hope that the teacher wouldn’t count the homework if nobody did it. Of course, this wasn’t the only reason: peer pressure also played a role. If everyone else in the class didn’t do a homework assignment or was not studying for a test, even the best-scoring students seemed to follow in their footsteps. By sophomore year, I had learned that following the crowd wasn’t a good idea. Each time I did what everyone

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