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I believe the goal of education should be teaching students to work individually and with other people to be able to apply their knowledge to function in the real world. By this I mean students should be able to use everything they have learned, both from text books and from teachers being personal with them and teaching them real life applications, to be a successful person after school. I base these assumptions on the realist, pragmatism, and existentialism philosophies. In the realist philosophy, Plato and Aristotle believed that life’s questions “could be answered through the study of ideas” (Sadovnik et al, 2013, p. 185). In the pragmatism philosophy, “Dewey proposed that children learn both individually and in groups” (Sadovnik et al, 2013, p. 189). In existentialism, “education as an activity liberating the individual from a chaotic, absurd world” (Sadovnik et al, 2013, p.191). By combining these ideas, the student should be able to make decisions independently and also contribute ideas in a group, to help become a successful person in this world.
Role of the teacher The role of the teacher is an important part of the education world. What the teacher does can both positively and negatively impact a student. I believe a classroom should be a mixture of these philosophies. By this I mean, a teacher should create the lessons but by using their knowledge and experiences help guide the students to learn what is best for them. I base these assumptions on what our
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