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Over the course of this semester, I grew immensely as a writer. I have learned what my weak points are as a writer, what my strengths are, and how I can revise a paper using resources. I have learned how to organize my thoughts and give clear, vivid details. Also, I have learned that the paper is only as good as the ideas behind it. Throughout this semester, all aspects of my writing have changed. My approach to writing has changed from writing down my answers as I think about the topic to thinking about the topic before I start writing my answers down. I used to be able to write a paper freely without having to think, but the paper would not fit to my standards. I turned it in anyway hoping for an okay grade. Most of the time, papers like that one would give me an ‘A’ or a ‘B’. Now that I think about my answers before I write, I can change it in my head if it does not sound pleasing. I think that it is easier changing sentences in your head then changing them on paper. Through various papers, I have grown in many ways. I have learned that linking verbs are bad to include in your paper, detail is important, and revision should be done more than once. In my personal essay, I had around 77 linking verbs in my paper. It is not fun going back and trying to change them. The less linking verbs that I used, I noticed some changes in my paper: I began using more and more detail. Since I was using more and more details, Mrs. Carter began to comprehend what I was actually saying.

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