Reflection Paper: Paschal Mystery of Jesus

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PROJECT In Christian Living Education (Reflection Paper: Paschal Mystery of Jesus) Submitted by: Jesthony C. Rodriguez Submitted to: Sir John Paul Cabrera The Paschal Mystery of our Lord Jesus Christ’s main subject is the Passion/Suffering, Death and Ressurection. The Passion includes the physical, spiritual and mental suffering of Jesus in the hours before and including his trial and execution by cruxification. One that comes with my mind is the “Stations of the Cross”. There are lots of events happen in the passion of Christ including the betrayal of Judas Iscariot by exchanging Jesus to the hands of Sanhedrin priests for a payment of thirty silver coins. When I hear the name Judas/Judas Iscariot, the first word that comes…show more content…
I want Him to imprint his divine image upon my soul and let the thin veil of my human nature bear a perfect resemblance to His loving Spirit.” Then the Seventh Station: Jesus falls a second time: Jesus, one of the beautiful qualities the people admired in Him was His strength in time of ridicule - His ability to rise above the occasion. But now, He fall a second time - apparently conquered by the pain of the Cross. People who judged Him by appearances made a terrible mistake. What looked like weakness was unparalleled strength! I often judge by appearances and how wrong I am most of the time. The world judges entirely by this deceiting method of discriminating. It looks down upon those who apparently have given their best and are now in need. It judges the poor as failures, the sick as useless and the aged as a burden. How wrong that kind of judgment is in the light of His second fall! His greatest moment was His weakest one. His greatest triumph was in failure. His greatest act of love was in desolation. His greatest show of power was in that to express lack of strength that threw Him to the ground. “Weak and powerful Jesus, I want Him to give me the grace to see beyond what is visible and be more aware of His wisdom in the midst of weakness. Give the aged, sick, handicapped, retarded, deaf and blind the fruit of joy so they may ever be aware of the Father's gift and the vast difference between what the world

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