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During this week I learned about the many personality types people have and I found out what my personality type is. There are 16 personality types total and I took two personality tests to see what my personality type is. The first test told me I had an ISFP personality type and the second test informed me that I had an INFP personality. The ISFP personality is readier for a new experience or adventure and is very imaginative. The INFP personality is always ready to help a good cause and are very dedicated. Both are very imaginative and overall both have a very peaceful nature to them. I do have some of the characteristics from both and some of their weaknesses. However, I don’t really want to be rated by these titles since I feel like I…show more content…
Mainly I just must try to recall what is being said and put it into my own words to save time and avoid confusion. During this week I also examined some of my strengths thanks to the VIA survey of Character Strengths assessments. My top 5 strengths are in fairness, teamwork, forgiveness, open-minded, and humor. I feel like the results were accurate and I really wouldn’t go against them because I know it will be difficult for me to rank my own strengths. Fairness and teamwork will help me in any competition that I go into by myself or with others. Forgiveness will help so that I will not hold any grudges that will hold me back or make me biased on a decision. By being open-minded I can make more friends and not really be at odds with people. Having humor can help keep me positive and help reduce stress. I can’t remember a difficult situation in my life, but I feel that my humor has helped me the most in life. When I look back at certain moments in my life I can see that I was stressed out and when I look at the present I can see more issues that should make me stressed, but they don’t. Stress is a feeling of anxiety or something that just presses on you and makes you feel very uneasy. I think my current stress level is at a 7 and is rising to an 8 when I remind myself about how much work I need to do and how much time I have left to do it. When I am stressed I will shake or fidget and I will get a uneasy feeling that will

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