Reflection Paper: Primitive Religion

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Reflection Paper: Primitive Religion Reflection Paper: Primitive Religion Hearing a religion deemed "primitive" does make one think that religion may not have much to offer, or may need many improvements. However, that is not really the case. Primitive religions are more focused on the oral traditions and storytelling that were common before technology essentially came along and took over everything. Now it is possible to find all kinds of information about different religions online. Some of that information is accurate, but some of it is not. There are a lot of misunderstandings regarding religion, too, because people think that technological advancement and spiritual enlightenment go together. The two areas do not have anything to do with one another. While there is nothing wrong with using technology to promote and foster religion, it should not be assumed that the only "correct" religion is one that has made strong use of technology. Even the most common religions today, such as many forms of Christianity, were religions that were originally told in a primitive fashion. Long before the bible was written, for example, the information contained in it was passed down through generations. Much of the information collected was provided orally, and was no different than the way some religions still provide information. the idea that a religion has to be written down or has to have a large website and internet presence to be valid is one that is not at all realistic. What
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