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Reflection Paper According to “Ready Rockets”, phonemic awareness is the ability to notice or be aware of those individual phoneme sounds in a spoken word and to hear, identify, and manipulate them. Children who are successfully recognize this concept are able to read more easily than children who do not. Phonemic awareness cover all of the following concepts…rhyming words, syllable identification, blending and segmentation. It is important for a child to have phonemic awareness because this is the foundation of reading. Without this concept learned, students will have a hard time reading and spelling in the future. If students is not phonemic aware, then later on in the future the student can become a poor reader and they can fall extremely behind. If a student is having a hard time reading, then going to school and learning will no longer be enjoyable. In some cases, this can lead to the student dropping out of school. For my lesson, I decided to teach beginning letter sounds. I start my lesson off by reviewing what beginning letter sounds are. After reviewing, I have two activities for the students to do. One activity is on the smartboard. Students will come up one at a time and represent the beginning letter sound. Then students will do a singing activity. In this activity students are to get into a circle on the floor and receive a picture card. As we go around the circle each student will sing a phrase and then sounds the word out. For example - the phrase “Do you

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