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Reflections on StrengthsFinder As I have mentioned above, that achiever, strategic, learner, belief, and responsibility are my top five themes as revealed by StrengthsFinder. I was astounded and amazed after reading the detail description of my personal five themes, because these are the most consistent behaviors that I display in my daily personal and professional life. I think this assessment is reliable and trustworthy, because the result provided on the bases of my responses drew an accurate picture of my strengths. I grew up dreaming and admiring the work of Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, and my aunt who is a Gynecologist Specialist while providing utmost care and assistance to sick family members who were in pain, especially my grandparents, my three months premature daughter, and my mother-in-law who fought with cancer for 15 years. Throughout my school years, I worked hard towards my dream, however, when in college I met my husband, was married and moved to Kansas. It was not until, after fourteen years of marriage that I started working as a Pharmacy technician and acquiring my CNA certificate that I felt as if God has chosen me for this purpose and I decided to acquire BSN degree. Since CVS was a neighboring store, I met people with various illnesses, started seeing them on a routine basis, and tried my unsurpassed in providing them with comfort, assistance, and support, while using empathy and tolerance in satisfying their needs. Most of all, I started

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