Reflection Paper : The Values Of A Community

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Session 2 Reflection Paper Toni Brooks Colorado Christian University Session 2 Reflection Paper Do we really understand what the true path of love is? God shows us how the true path of love and kindness should be toward others through his word. We cannot do this alone as Christian we need to surround ourselves with a Christian supportive community. Balswick & Balswick, (2014) states that “Families may be able to survive on its own, but can never thrive without a supportive community.” Balswick talks about how it is hard to “stand alone” in this “secular society.” The only way that singles can learn about God-honoring ways is by attending bible studies and premarital Christian counseling. It is important for singles to realize that God should be the center of their lives, before any life-long decisions. We all play a role and our differences should be able to coincide with each other working together as one just as God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit work together as one. According to Balswick, (2014), “Secure identity in Christ at the congregational level means there is a healthy degree of connectedness as well as a healthy degree of separation.” In order to learn the God-honoring ways we must have a relationship with the church community and other Christians. The church can also support singles by inviting them to to Christians gatherings and being examples to them. “As members of Christ, we live by faith, therefore we have a responsibility to love, forgive, and empower one another in all our relationships.” (Balswick, 2014, p. 72). If I ever thought about marriage again I would definitely surround my self with the church supportive community and get premarital counseling. This would be the only way that I can allow God to show me how and what I need to do to have a healthy relationships. The mate selection process is very important part of marriage and should always be done with the help of a Christian supportive community. Balswick, (2014) breaks the trinity down by stating that “the father is the creator, the Lord of life; the son is the Reconciler, the re-newer of life; the Spirit is the Redeemer, the giver, the conveyor of this life which is given, sustained and renewed.”
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