Reflection Paper - Virgin Birth, Jesus Claim God, Bible Authority

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I. Introduction This paper is going to explore facets of three fundamental truths of Christianity. I hope to answer the questions, “Does the Bible have authority?”, “Did Jesus claim to be God?”, and “Did Jesus need to be born of a virgin?”. These three questions can be summarized with the question, “Is God reliable in what he has said about Himself, and if we can 't take His Word for it, then what?” II. Section One The question of the authority of the Bible rests on the issue of the authority of its author. If the author of the Bible did not have authority, then it is highly unlikely that the written words of that person would have authority either. The Bible was penned by about 40 different persons over a period of more than 1400…show more content…
The virgin birth then was extraordinary not only because of the miraculousness of the event but also because it had been predicted hundreds of years prior to it happening. The second set of reasons that Jesus needed to be born of a virgin is theological in nature. The inerrancy of the Bible is at stake here; and the sinless state of the Messaiah is established by having God as the father. It has been calculated that 7 authors of the Bible either prophesied about the virgin birth or referred to its historical and theological properties and that these 7 authors (Paul, John, Luke, Matthew, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Moses) composed more than a third of the books of the Bible. If the accuracy and reliability of the virgin birth is not so, then what confidence can we have in the other writings of these men? V. Conclusion In conclusion, we can see that if God authored the Bible, that it shares the same authority in all things that it touches on that the Creator of the universe has. In claiming to be God, Jesus established himself as the all-knowing, and all powerful rescuer of mankind, his creation. By fulfilling the prophecy of the virgin birth, God again demonstrates his

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