Reflection Paper on George Orwell’s Book 1984

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George Orwell’s book, “1984,” had me convinced that such a world or society could exist. As I read I imagined the story of the book and saw it taking place right before my eyes, word after word. I was so convinced that I had to do a little research to ensure that it was merely fiction and could not possibly be true. Any book that can make me question the existence of such a society is definitely a good one. Throughout my reading I gradually came up with my own ending to the story based off of the seemingly easy roundabouts of Winston and Julia. However, I was extremely surprised at the unexpected twist in the story at the end of the book. It confirmed that the blurb on the cover was true in its entirety. Throughout my reading I was able…show more content…
This however can be to the benefit and disadvantage of citizen’s. Elites can control what information goes through the media and what doesn’t. If a government is working on behalf of ‘the people’, information should always be allowed to disseminate to them but this is not at all the case in the Democratic America today where information is often withheld from the public. The ministry of Winston’s employment was exactly concerned with withholding information from the public. But it was taken a step further where documents were actually altered to suit present day. This manipulation of information allows for a destruction of history and misinformed citizens of a country. Americans have definitely seen this similarity when the former President Bush restricted media from showing the arrival of dead bodies back home from the war in Iraq. Elites merely want to keep citizens out of the loop of what is really going on because they know it would simply wreak havoc among the country. The world has gone through its fair share of wars over centuries. Wars began when citizens or an alliance of countries wanted to fight for a particular right to something. Now wars have become a declaration of who has the most power over another. This pattern developed over time with the advancement of technology and industrialization. The war in Iraq is a prime example. When people were presented with this plan for war it was note made entirely clear what the overall purpose was. Although most

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