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Katherine Diamandis HPR 62 Wellness, Lifestyle, Health, and Happiness Happiness comes from within. Many people could be living in the same environment and facing the same challenges but some seem to be happier than others. No matter what one’s challenges are, it is one’s choice and decisions to live a happy and content life. There has been an unfounded belief that the rich are happier than the poor but research has given contradicting results. I cannot say that I have lived a happy life but after watching the “Happy” documentary, I am now ready to live positively and happily no matter what circumstances I am facing. I have realized that we make ourselves unhappy by complaining about the problems we face in our day-to-day life…show more content…
This documentary actually takes us around the globe examining the level of happiness of different people around the world. This documentary can be complimented by the fact that it is enjoyable to watch as it is brimming with sense of joy and positive energy from the shared real life experiences. Just like its title, the documentary can actually make you happy by just sitting and engaging with the individual stories from the subjects used. The documentary as we have stated above, looks at how wellness, health, lifestyle and happiness are intertwined. The term wellness is made up of six dimensions namely; physical, social/intellectual, interpersonal, spiritual, emotional and the environment. The physical dimension consists of exercise and food consumption whereas the social consists of one’s sense of humor, creativity and curiosity. The interpersonal involves one’s communication skills and capacity of intimacy. The emotional covers the mental health and one’s ability to deal with his feelings. The spiritual covers the positive, forgiveness, compassion, and joy, and the environmental dimension covers our planets health. When discussing one’s wellness, we find that lifestyle and health are much-interconnected topics. For one to live a healthy life, he must engage in healthy activities throughout the different stages of life. These practices include exercises, trying to prevent disease, eating healthy foods, preparing for emergencies, having health insurances

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