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As a highschool student or a student in general I always have taken school lightly. I never really took more than a night to write a paper. English classes seemed really easy to me. Coming into this class I did not know how it would really be. I was told there was only four writing assignments the whole year so I was thinking, this is going to be easy. This class was different than what I expected. I had to really take the time to think about what I was typing. Rough drafts had a major impact on keeping me on track. The more effort put into them, the less the paper was to write on that sunday night. Those rough drafts are what my peers would look over. The most helpful thing we would do for our papers was peer reviews. Peer reviews were like the fairy godmother of this course. In past years I never took peer reviews seriously. I would just read my peer’s paper and tell them it was alright. Many people did not put as much thought into them. I really did not get any help on papers from peer’s like I do now. Having people look over your paper as they were their own changed so much. The little things I would never catch would be caught by friends. The errors I would make the most on my papers were gramatical. From grading my papers, you know this to be true. I do not speak grammatically correct so when I'm typing, it is just like how I would speak to you in class. My peers are a lot better at this, so it was a big help because of that. The papers that I got B’s on would not

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