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I have been teaching writing for many years. As a result, I have a variety of papers for students to write that I know are possible for third graders to write. In addition, each year and group of students is different so I adjust the papers they write based on the level of the group and the needs of the individual student.
We work together on planning our papers through a step by step scaffolding process and modeling so that students have assistance with the planning process. The next stage is for me to walk around to monitor the students and determine what assistance they need. I check for understanding of the assignment and make suggestions as needed and to confirm they will be able to write this paper. During this time, I will assist them with any spelling issues they may have. In addition, I conference one on one with each student and will help them with spelling during this time. Since I don’t teach spelling, this process has worked the best. Finally, I do teach cursive handwriting so this is a skill that we work on weekly. My goal is to finish each of the letters in the first semester and practice these skills in the second.
We are departmentalized so I am only able to see their work in writing and science. We do write a science research paper on the animal of their choice which gives them the opportunity to apply their writing skills to science. In addition, we write an instruction manual for a simple machine. My goal is to integrate writing

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