Reflection Reflection In Mathematics

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Mathematics Reflection Introduction: Mathematics is considered a science that manipulates symbols according to given rules or instructions which can also be considered the science of numbers. My belief is that being literate in mathematics is crucial in this world because I consider math to be the base to explain various quantitative disciplines in fields such as finance, physics, biology, economics and chemistry. I have always had a positive attitude while solving mathematical problems because there are so many different ways we can solve a problem such as constructing a graph, equation, or statistics. As a child PBL was implemented and I believe it should slowly be introduced through the years to make teaching and learning more memorable to the students. I belief that no one was born being bad at math, they just believe so and as teachers we must motivate students to change their attitude towards solving mathematical equations and develop their cognitive skills. Being a senior and studying math for more than 17 years reflects my positive attitude in regard to this subject. Mathematics has influenced my life positively by allowing me to study a STEM field degree that will open various opportunities for me. Experiences: As an elementary student, I would use math everyday to solve problems in science, math, or even while buying a snack during lunch. The four basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are very important while making relations from
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