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Career Reflection Report: A.S.E. The RIASEC code which was obtained from the interest inventory test is artistic, social, and enterprising. People who have an artistic interest will tend to allow their creativity to flow within them and not usually bounded by rules and regulations. For example, in our daily life we prefer not to follow the cooking instructions, but just go with the flow using whatever ingredients we have within our reach. At the same time, artistic people tend to have a high level of self-expression. For example, mostly we indulge ourselves in writing stories or producing song lyrics, which serve as a way of expressing our thoughts. Not only that, we also work on creative design-related, such as comics and magazine editing. The next RIASEC code is social, which are the people who enjoy working or interacting with others during work or daily basis and…show more content…
To supervise others, give words of encouragements, build trust, resolves any conflicts among team members and constantly provides updates to all of the team members. So, we have to be sociable and must like being around people all the time and at the same time having some knowledge of psychology would help us even further to understand and interact effectively with people. The next career option that was chosen is broadcast news analysts. Venturing into the job scopes of broadcast news analysts, we are expected to utilize our analytic skills in order to interpret the information gathered from multiple sources at the same time make changes and decide whether or not the materials gathered will be appropriate before presenting it to the audience. Not only do we indulge ourselves in information gathering, we are also required if needed to serve as an anchor on news broadcast

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