Reflection and Analysis of Chapters 7 - 9 in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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I wonder why Nick thinks that Gatsby is sick since the lights in his house are off. Maybe Gatsby did not feel like having a party, he might be tired. Once it was mentioned in the metaphor that everything fell as there was disapproval in her eyes it felt like Gatsby had to fire the servants. They would only make him and Daisy look bad. The second paragraph away from the metaphor has numerous words giving imagery into the scene. It states that it was the hottest day; “simmering in the edge of combustion”; people perspired delicately and despairingly into deep heat. Continuing, the author repeats the word “hot” to emphasize passion or anger. We have found out that Tom does not like Gatsby since he mentions his “well connected dislike”. Then he continues to welcome him however he cuts off and goes to Nick. It looks like the heat is affecting everyone. Daisy starts to slow down saying words as the heat is affecting her. I predict that the heat will affect people in a negative way. The author in an odd way makes Nick reveal that Gatsby did not “really believe in its existence” in Daisy’s child. This dehumanizes the little girl by making her a possession. There is a contradiction afterwards. Nick refers to the child as in a dream. This is directly related to the beginning chapters where Daisy says her daughter is a fool in a dream. Daisy also shows off her daughter in nice clothes to Gatsby. This shows that both Gatsby and Daisy are committed by showing off and impressing each

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