Reflection and Analysis of My Works on Forced Marriage

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Both my literary and non-fiction piece were based on the conflicting topic of forced marriage and seeing the obstacles being tackled .Through the influence the reporter Nick Owen, my opinion article was aimed to question the readers whether cultural issues and norms should be used as a justification to get young girls married to someone they hardly know. This is due to some people addressing this practise as a "cultural” thing and opposes making it a criminal offence. Similarly my fictional story is based on the life of an ordinary girl being tricked into getting married due to financial problems and cultural issues both my pieces are for those that are interested in deep topics like forced marriage as it requires attention and concern. It is also targeted towards girls who are possibly experiencing similar troubles and want to seek guidance. Much like Bindels article “Forced Marriages Dishonour Britain” I used rhetorical interrogatives in my article “Do you think that this should be the case?” to engage with my audience by speaking to them directly, creating a conversational narrative style that makes the audience tentative and responsive. The use of imperatives and second person “you” was implied to increase the reader’s motivation and to create a passionate and determined response. This is to reassure readers that they are empathising with those that are subjected to marriage by stepping into their shoes as it helps them gain a deeper meaning of what is being opposed.
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