Reflection of Bonuses in Bad Times

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Bonuses in Bad Times

Spain financial crisis began from 2008, and many companies were affected, included the Spain big retail chain——Superado. Bonuses are the reward for the good performance. Clearly, it is very important for all the employees to get their bonuses. The two key features of the company operation are the sufficient funds and the staff cohesion. However, paying the bonuses may pose a threat to the operation of the company. The dilemma is whether to pay the bonuses to the employees during the recession time.
The case study “Bonuses in Bad Time” (2012) outlines the circumstance of a supermarket chain. This case serves as an inside look into a grocery retailer——Superado, an expansive market chain situated all over the nation
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However, the strategy is different. While Hollanders introduce an effective way to pay the bonus with different levels, Barberan claims that paying the full bonus is the right decision for the company’s future; it is a good way to gain the workers’ trust during the bad time.
Nicolas Hollanders, who is the executive vice president of human resources, IT, and Sustainability of Delhaize Group states that Luisa could come up with an answer that could benefit both the organization and its management. A proposed arrangement by Nicolas Hollanders is to designate store-level representatives half of their objective reward, center administrators’ 25% of their objective reward while Luisa and the official group would take no reward. Utilizing this strategy for assigning rewards would send a reasonable message that Superado is going through a hard time. The other similar answer for Luisa is to keep the custom going and keep on paying out rewards as she has been accomplishing for 30 years. Marcos Barberan, human resources director, draws on his personal experience to make the valid point that Luisa should pay the bonuses. Unlike Hollanders, he believes that paying the full bonus is the right decision for the company’s future. If the organization neglects to pay out rewards, it risks losing its workers to rivals.
From my perspective, the adjustments in giving ought to be based on the budgetary circumstance of Superado. Rather than making an all or nothing decision, I
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