Reflection of Care Management Essay

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This assignment will reflect on and critically analyse my personal and professional development in the domain of care management over the last three years. It will additionally outline how I plan to continue to develop in this domain once I have qualified as a registered nurse. My development so far will be analysed from the perspective of the skills, knowledge and values required of a registered nurse. Through this reflection I hope to confirm that my practice meets the standards for entry onto the nursing register as outlined by the nursing and midwifery council ((NMC) 2008). Due to the nature of this assignment and for the purpose of reflection, as supported by Fulbrook (2003), I will adopt a narrative approach that conveys thoughts,…show more content…
Hogston and Simpson (2002) describe this traditional task-orientated method of nursing care as contrary to the nursing process, compromising the concept of individualised patient centred care. Price (2006) supports this view, suggesting that patient-centred care requires the nurse to be flexible and not confined to set care pathways or task-orientated methods. I complied with functional nursing and completed tasks assigned to me which Higginson (2006) states many first year nursing students do as they are preoccupied with worries about their ability to perform nursing duties. However, through this I found that I did not engage completely with the patients which according to Squire (2001) would have built a good, therapeutic and interpersonal relationship with the patients. Reflecting using Benner (1984), in terms of starting to become a proficient and capable staff nurse, I was a novice. Rather (2007) states that novices are taught rules to help them perform, and although I was not taught these rules within my first placement I still adhered to them and reflecting back I would consider my practice as limited and inflexible due to these rules. Consequently I saw managerial skills such as time management, prioritising and delegation beyond my capabilities, Hill and Howlett (2005) state feeling incapable of managing patient care is normal for a first year student nurse. During my second placement in Theatre Recovery is when
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