Reflection of Higher Education and Analysis of a Video Presentation

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Student first and last names Course title and number Professor's name Due date Reflection of Higher Education & Video Presentation Dr. Gray's presentation of the Uses (and Misuses) of the University Today (2009) was incredibly informative. It was very interesting to see a leader, a female leader, in education, who has been a professional within education across the time period we are to focus upon in the paper. She is a former university president, among other accolades, and she has gained some wisdom to share as we progress with great speed onward into the 21st century. The misuse of the university system that stood out the most to this viewer is the pressure of federal funding for universities, and the sacrifices that come with access to federal funding. Federal funding and education have been hot topics of the 21st century. Former President Bush enacted the No Child Left Behind Act, whose effects continue to ripple through American education and society from elementary school years into undergraduate years. Therefore, Dr. Gray's point regarding federal funding and freedom is quite relevant now, just as much as it was a decade ago under Bush. Federal funding for universities exposes and exploits a philosophical dilemma: universities need funding to run obvious and simple. Universities also symbolize cultural and intellectual expansion; there is a distinct sense of freedom and exploration associated with higher education. Dr. Gray argues that more and more prevalent

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