Reflection of Learning Theories in My Life

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I believe the theory of learning I would be inclined towards would have to be behaviourist. This theory entails linking of a new behaviour to a stimulus by providing reinforcement or support after the correct behaviour is produce. Furthermore, behaviourists explain behaviour in terms of the stimuli that produce it and the event, which caused an individual to learn to respond to the stimuli that way. Behaviourist’s uses two methods of explaining the process, which are Classical conditioning wherein people learn to associate two stimuli when the two of them occur together, such that the response originally produced by one stimulus transfer to another. The person learns to produce an existing response to a new stimulus. The other one is Operant Conditioning where people learn to perform new behaviours through the consequences of the things they do. If a behaviour they produce follows by reinforcement then the likelihood of that behaviour likely to repeat which increases in future and will strengthen. A consequence can be reinforcing in two ways: either the person gets something good (positive reinforcement) or they avoid something bad (negative reinforcement)
Relating this to my lifestyle, I found myself to fall in the behaviourist theory under the operant conditioning. My behaviour is performing according to the things I do. For…

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